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Introducing for the first time in Pakistan premium flavored cotton candy. It all started four years ago with the idea of re-inventing cotton candy with a modern twist.
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Looking to add a little bit of extra sweetness in your life? Look no further order our flavored cotton candy tubs now!
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Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy

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Watermelon Cotton Candy

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Grape Cotton Candy

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Strawberry Cotton Candy

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How We Make Cotton Candy

Know what it takes to create a perfect tub of cotton candy.

Fresh & Fluffy

Our cotton candy is made to order and delivered fresh to you!

No Preservatives

We don’t add Preservatives or any other harmful chemicals so children’s can eat them without any worries!


Less than 100 Calories

Stay Guilt Free! our cotton candy contains less than 100 calories.

Organic Flavors

We only use organic flavors in our cotton candy.

Enhance your Cotton Candy Experience

Cotton Candy Care

Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight (Never refrigerate or freeze). Unopened tubs can last several days if stored properly.

Once the seal on tub has been broken, please enjoy the cotton candy immediately for best results. Cotton candy is very sensitive to humidity and temperature, and will begin to deflate after exposure to air.

Some shrinkage during shipping is normal.

However, mistakes happen! If you believe we have made an error in delivery or packaging, please contact us so we can resolve it mutually. As always, thank you for supporting Sweet Escape

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